Intruder detection

P2 Safety: an intruder detection solution to manage your intruder alarms and technical alert systems

P2 Safety helps you detect, locate and raise the alarm on all intrusions or anomalies in your protected zones. It provides a comprehensive, real-time overview of the status of your alarm systems. With a selection of customisable settings, you can take quick and decisive action in the event of a problem.

The main objectives of P2 Safety

  • Rapid response, immediately detecting and locating threats thanks to the integrated surveillance function.
  • Taking the right actions in the event of a problem, applying the scenarios and settings you have programmed.
  • Keeping you informed wherever you are, with alerts by email or SMS.

The advantages of P2 Safety

With P2 Safety, intruder detection becomes a central element of your security system.

Horoquartz offers a comprehensive range of intruder detection services and technologies, including barriers, infra-red sensors, alarm systems, motion or pressure sensors and secondary checking solutions.

P2 Safety allows you to determine the precise location of anomalies thanks to an IP SIA transmitter with GPRS technology, compatible with the security control centers of all major suppliers (Securitas, Stanley, Scutum, Brinks, Sotel etc.)

How can I get even more from my intruder detection system ?

P2 Safety can be integrated with your access control system, ensuring secure access to your premises and detection of any anomalies.

The alarms raised by P2 Safety can be transmitted to P2 Scada, for full centralisation of your surveillance activities.

Intruder detection_download file P2 Safety

What can P2 Safety do for you and your teams ?

  • A security system perfectly adapted to the risks you face.
  • A modular system covering access rights/intruder detection/surveillance/cards/visitors.
  • A local control keyboard.
  • A comprehensive overview of the whole alarm system.
  • Applying your chosen settings and scenarios.
  • A solution which meets the latest industry standards.
  • An opportunity to switch to cloud servers.
  • Real-time notifications by email.