Access control

P2 Access:  an access control solution to guarantee the security of your premises

P2 Access is an advanced solution designed to help you manage the access rights of employees and visitors to your premises. P2 Access can be fine-tuned to meet the requirements of your security policy, adapting to the different conditions of your various access points. P2 Access offers simple, reliable access control whatever your sector of activity and level of security.

The main objectives of P2 Access

  • Achieving perfect control over access to your premises, as you set your own access rights and rules.
  • Reinforcing the security of your employees by ensuring that only authorised persons have access.
  • Ensuring that nobody is left behind in the event of an incident or alarm, with accurate counting of the number of people present on site.
  • More efficient management of your car parking facilities, with a number plate recognition system.
  • Guaranteeing full traceability in the event of an incident, thanks to the system's analysis and reporting functions.

The advantages of P2 Access

P2 Access is a multi-company, multi-site solution suitable for centralised access control. Its technical architecture and modular components allow for easy integration with your IT system. P2 Access is compatible with numerous badge technology formats - swipe or contactless - and also incorporates biometric features.

P2 Access is based on a system of personalised access badges. To minimise the cost of securing a large number of doors, P2 Access can interface with Salto networked locks.

Are you looking for a single, reliable partner for all your access control needs? Horoquartz designs and manufactures all of the software and electronic components required for an effective access control system.

Integrate your access control solution with your IT system

P2 Access can be easily integrated with other components of your security system (intruder detection, surveillance, visitor management etc.). Integration can make your access control system more coherent and more efficient.

In order to avoid the need to reenter information and entrance codes, P2 Access offers interfaces and web services designed to facilitate communication with your IT network and with other Horoquartz solutions for time management, schedule management or facilities booking.

Using terminals capable of controlling access and simultaneously clocking employees in/out can be a great way of controlling your equipment budget.

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What can P2 Access do for you and your teams ?

  • A security system perfectly adapted to the risks you face.
  • A single point of contact for all security questions.
  • Local, responsive technical support.
  • A flexible system, compatible with all major badge systems.
  • An intuitive, real-time system which is easy to manage.
  • A greater sense of security.
  • A sense of belonging, with their own personalised badges.
  • A solution which meets the latest IT industry standards.
  • An opportunity to switch to cloud servers.
  • Reactive and IT-oriented technical support team.
  • A single point of contact for all installation, implementation and maintenance tasks.
  • A partner with a proven quality management system.