P2 Keybox: Simplified and efficient key management

The P2 Keybox key management system allows you to securely manage all your keys or keyrings, by always knowing where each one is located. Your investment in a P2 Keybox system is therefore quickly profitable, while improving security and simplifying the management of your resources.

The main objectives of an electronic key management cabinet

  • Collect all keys in a badge-secured cabinet
  • Protect access to keys and allow access only to persons with access rights
  • Ensure access traceability. You know the key holder at any time in case of non-return
  • Ensure key accessibility at all times without staff requirements
  • Limit the risk of costly loss and reissue. Your company has therefore a return on its investment.


The advantages of a key cabinet

Horoquartz distributes a wide range of Deister’s key cabinets. These elegantly designed cabinets can store from ten keys up to several hundreds. They are secured by a glass door, or a roller shutter system, which has the advantage of hiding the keys and allowing easy installation in case of limited space.

Deister key cabinets can be used alone, or integrated into the complete Protecsys 2 Suite safety and security solution. They use Mifare® and Desfire® badge technologies, which are compatible with Horoquartz badge readers for access control.