Vehicle barriers

Just like for pedestrians, there are also access control barriers for vehicles. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the barriers offered by our partner Automatic Systems and available from Horoquartz.


portail_obstacle véhicule

You can choose sliding or swinging gates. Gates are the most commonly used system to secure access to a site. It is recommended when vehicle traffic is low (high opening times), or to secure a site during closed periods (evenings and weekends for example).

Drop Arm Barriers

barrière levante_automatic system

These are recommended for sites where controlled access is needed, but where traffic is high (employee parking lots, delivery zones, etc.).

There are different options depending on how frequently the barrier is used.

It is controlled by means of a badge reader or license plate reader, or it can be opened by a security guard.


Retractable Barriers

Retractable barriers protect access to high-risk areas. They stop both light vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, and retract into the ground to allow authorized vehicles to pass.

  • plot_automatic systemRetractable bollards restrict vehicle access but do not block the entire passage, allowing pedestrians to pass. They are mainly used in cities to limit traffic in pedestrian areas and prevent illegal parking, but can also be found on industrial sites. 


  • herse_automatic systemRetractable wedge barriers are much more dissuasive than bollards. They span the entire width of a lane and rise up to block vehicles. When lowered, they leave the passage free. A wedge barrier can be combined with a drop arm barrier for an even more secure solution.