Pedestrian barriers

In the architecture of an access control system, barriers ensure the safety of sites and people. They are connected to the access control software that controls access rights and opens the barriers for authorized people.

We work closely with the access control equipment manufacturer Automatic Systems to offer a wide range of pedestrian and vehicle barriers.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of the pedestrian barriers available from Horoquartz.

Security Doors

These are the most commonly used access control barriers. They do not control tailgating, but they restrict access to areas so that only authorized people can enter.

The doors can be secured using different technologies:

  • Electromagnetic locks keep the door closed via a permanent power supply. The magnet is released to allow the door to open when the current is interrupted intentionally (access control) or if there is a power failure.
  • Electric strike locks hold the latch or lock bolt in place to keep the door locked. When the release button is activated, an electromagnet activates the mechanism that releases the bolt. When the door closes, it locks automatically.


Tripod Turnstiles

tripode_automatic system

3-arm turnstiles, also called a tripod turnstile, are mainly installed inside buildings in reception areas. Due to their configuration, they prevent tailgating.

Access is authorized via a badge reader or biometric fingerprint, or by entering a confidential code. They can also be used in "free passage" mode, i.e. without access control.

Access control turnstiles will slow down the flow of pedestrians. This is why it is important to determine the number of turnstiles needed to limit the impact on traffic flow.

The system is reliable, fast and easy to use, making it a bestseller in the access control market!


Swing Gates

portillon_automatic system

Swing gates are mainly intended for indoor use. They regulate the flow and can also be used for counting.

Like turnstiles, they are controlled by different access control technologies (badge, biometrics, etc.) or simply by an optical scanner.

They can be used in addition to tripod turnstiles to allow disabled access or to accommodate bulky items.


Security Entrance Lanes

couloir rapide_automatic system


The system also prevents tailgating but allows a faster flow than tripod turnstiles. It is therefore mainly used on strategic access points where there is a heavy flow of traffic (subway stations for example).


Full-height Turnstiles

tambour_automatic system

Full-height turnstiles also prevent tailgating. Used outdoors on unguarded pedestrian accesses, they are reliable and robust.

They can be used for free or controlled access, but whatever the option chosen, the throughput is relatively slow, ranging from 10/15 people per minute (in controlled mode) to 20/25 people per minute (in non-controlled mode).

Since they do not allow disabled access, a disabled access barrier is often installed nearby.


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