Biometric reader

P2 Bio: biometric access control which meets CNIL standards

Horoquartz's fingerprint reader is consistent with the latest CNIL privacy requirements (published June 2016). The ideal solution to reinforce security at your access points, installing a biometric reader can also reduce your day-to-day operating costs. The biometric data of your employees is encrypted and stored in a secure facility. Your guarantee of optimal security for all access points.

Main objectives of the biometric reader

  • To reinforce security of access to a specific zone, making it accessible only to authorised personnel whose fingerprints are registered in your database.
  • To simplify access right management, doing away with the time-consuming parts of managing access badges (lost, broken, stolen or forgotten badges).
  • To do away with the risk posed by stolen or counterfeited access badges, thanks to a biometric access control which is impossible to cheat.
  • Full traceability of access, with recording and tracking of all readings.

Advantages of the Horoquartz biometric reader

The Horoquartz biometric reader uses Morpho technology (the world's no.1). It guarantees exceptional reliability (false acceptance rate of approx. 1 in 100 million). The solution is also capable of detecting artificial fingerprints and raising the alarm if a finger appears to be pressed on the reader involuntarily.

The solution can function in several modes: biometric only, biometric + badge, biometric + pin code, badge only. Fingerprint-only reading, with no badge, complies with the new CNIL standards on personal data protection.

Fingerprint details are encrypted in your database, as are all communications (as per CNIL guidelines).

Horoquartz can help you with your declarations to the CNIL (AU053 and the simplified declaration) and all other relevant administrative authorities (e.g. préfectures).

This biometric fingerprint reader is part of the comprehensive range of access control solutions developed and manufactured by Horoquartz. Like all of our products, the biometric reader can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.