Emergency assembly point

P2 EAP: make sure nobody gets left behind!

During emergency evacuations, your employees and visitors will all make their way to one of your clearly-signposted assembly points. With P2 EAP (Emergency Assembly Point), Horoquartz offers a fully mobile solution which makes it easier to count your people and make sure nobody is missing!

The primary objectives of assembly points

  • Reliable counting of at all assembly points with mobile identification technology
  • Make sure that nobody is missing, comparing the list of those present on the premises with the list of those counted at the assembly points
  • Make the right decisions, with instant access to the roll-call list via your mobile device
  • More efficient evacuations and rescue operations, with mobile devices which also allow you to call missing persons directly

The advantages of managing your assembly points with P2 EAP

P2 EAP is the quick and easy way to identify all persons present at your assembly points, using PDA mobile devices.

When integrated with the Protecsys 2 Suite, the mobile device receives regular updates from the access control system and knows the identity and location of all employees and visitors present on site at any given moment.

In the event of a fire alarm, the evacuation supervisor uses the PDA in automatic GPRS communication mode. This powerful coordination tool provides a list of all employees and visitors present on site and in each zone, identifies those present at the assembly points and highlights any missing persons. The handset provides a constantly-updated overview of those present at the assembly points and those unaccounted for. You can then use the PDA's telephone function to call anybody not at the designated assembly points.

P2 EAP is a simple and effective way to make your evacuations safer, and better coordinate any search efforts.