Car park management

P2 PARK: the management solution for private car parks

No more wasting time looking for a parking space, smooth flow of traffic in the car park, no problem finding your car at the end of the day... a dream for many employees. Horoquartz has developed an innovative, intuitive solution which allows you to optimise your car park management and save money in the process. P2 Park is tailored to the functional and budgetary constraints specific to private or shared car parks.

The primary objectives of P2 Park

  • Reducing the total cost of parking facilities and optimising available parking spaces
  • Cutting down the time your employees waste looking for a parking space
  • Cutting down on bottlenecks and making sure vehicles move freely around the car park, guiding your employees towards available spaces
  • Optimising the allocation of parking spaces based on place of work, department, company, type of vehicle, staff levels, disabilities etc.

The advantages of P2 Park

P2 Park allows for dynamic allocation of parking spaces. Upon entering the car park, a graphic display unit guides drivers toward a free space for their vehicle. Parking spaces are allocated on the basis of place of work, company, reason for visit, type of vehicle, staff categories etc. Your employees are immediately guided to a free space, and don't have to waste time looking for a spot.

P2 Park is an optimised parking management system, compatible with all types of badges, long distance or otherwise, as well as automated number plate recognition technology. The system also includes an interactive display unit allowing users to quickly and easily find the location of their vehicle on the way out.

This centralised system does not require any expensive hardware or special cables, just a simple badge reader (or number plate recognition camera) at the entrance.

How can I get even more from my car park management?

By integrating P2 Park with your access control system, you can make sure that only authorised vehicles get in.

When synchronised with your supervision system, P2 Park lets you know who is parked where, as well as helping you to locate available spaces and manage parking for visitors and temporary users.

What can P2 Park do for you and your teams?

  • Optimisation of available spaces
  • At-a-glance visibility of free spaces in the car park
  • Access to the car park restricted to approved personnel, calibrated with work schedules
  • Management of multi-company car parks, controlling the number of spaces reserved for different groups, departments and companies
  • Finding a free space becomes much easier
  • Greater satisfaction, with parking spaces close to their work, suited to their vehicles, disabled parking etc.
  • Cuts the operational costs of parking facilities
  • Boosts employee satisfaction
  • Reduces the risk of intrusion