Mersen France: Centralised access control and security supervision in an industrial context



Mersen protect the security of all 10 of their French industrial facilities with the help of Protecsys 2 Suite. An all-round safety-security project based on a centralised access control solution for all facilities, functioning with a single badge issued to all employees.

A comprehensive security project

Formerly known as Carbone Lorraine, Mersen is an international group based in France, a leading global expert on specialist electronics and graphite materials.

Mersen France set 2 clear objectives for this security project: rationalising costs and replacing an ageing access control solution with a modern system allowing for centralised security management for Mersen's 10 facilities and 1600 employees in France.

A major challenge: integration

The new security system needed to meet a number of requirements:

  • Fitting in with the complete overhaul of Mersen's HR information system, including payroll modules, administrative management and time and activity management, with one major constraint: simplified, automated updating of information between the various system blocks.
  • Introducing a modular, centralised access control solution for all facilities, functioning with a single badge issued to all employees.
  • Ensuring native communication between time management and access control systems, avoiding the need to re-enter access codes.
  • Offering a range of functions centred on the access control system, adding up to form a comprehensive security package: supervision, visitor management, networked locks.

A solid partner with a respected solution

"Horoquartz is a solid partner, and their access control system was a perfect match for all of our requirements. We were impressed by the functions offered by the products, the solution was professionally presented and the price was attractive. Horoquartz offered the whole package, that's what set them apart from the competition," explains William Cruzille, HRIS and Payroll Manager. "The option of having a security solution in SaaS mode corresponded to the demand for innovation from our management," he adds.

Access control, supervision and visitor management across all 10 sites

"Horoquartz stuck to our timetable, deployment was a gradual process". In the configuration deployed at Mersen, Protecsys 2 Suite provides:

  • Access control for employees and visitors, monitoring incoming and outgoing personnel with the P2 Access module.
  • A supervision solution (P2 Scada) centralising security information, allowing the security manager at each site to check that the LPUs (local processing units) are functioning correctly.
  • Visitor management functions to improve the way visitors are welcomed and monitored (P2 Visitor).

Mersen have also installed 91 networked locks to protect their access points.

A single badge for simple, secure access

Mersen opted for a single Mifare badge system, controlling the opening of networked locks based on the access rights of the wearer (clearance). Employees use the same badge to clock in, and versions have also been created for visitors and external service partners.

A comprehensive, effective, up-to-date solution

As William Cruzille explains: "The Horoquartz solution has allowed us to achieve considerable economies of scale and rationalise our security policy. The single badge system is popular with our employees, who needed 2 or 3 different badges before. Better still, the management now has access to centralised information. Reporting is fully automated between eTemptation and the Protecsys 2 Suite.

As for the implementation schedule, Mr. Cruzille is happy to report that: "It all went very smoothly, the transition period only lasted one month. That was a great source of satisfaction. By working together, the Horoquartz and Mersen teams successfully completed this useful but complex project to a very tight deadline!"