Janssen Cilag deploys eTemptation



Janssen Cilag, a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson group, has successfully implemented a complete workforce management solution.


Janssen-Cilag is the leading European subsidiary in the pharmaceuticals sector and belongs to Johnson & Johnson, the leading world health group, with 115,000 employees worldwide, working in three business sectors: care products, medical and professional diagnostics devices, and the pharmacy sector.

The Val de Reuil site employs 800 people, including 550 involved in production. This site specialises in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Within a context of reducing production costs and of international competition, Janssen-Cilag was seeking a solution so that it could gain more accurate knowledge of its labour costs and better monitor the performance of its equipment(TRS). After a study phase and visiting customers's sites, the company adopted the eTemptation solution for its HQ Activity module.

At the same time, Janssen-Cilag already had an end-of-life time management solution and an in-house tool for activity monitoring, with the prospect of carrying out development at European level which the Val de Reuil site was not involved in.

The solution establishment study demonstrated that it would improve its effectiveness by beincombined with a system for managing the time during which operators are in attendance.Damien Portier, the Janssen-Cilag IT Director,stated: "At the same time, we were seeking to replace our time management system, which was obsolete.We therefore decided to deploy other modules from the eTemptation suite, particularly the time management and self-service functions, in order to have a truly integrated solution. The objective was to have a unique product to use."

Why opt for Horoquartz?

"We conducted a study of the solutions available with an Intranet architecture" explained Damien Portier; "the Horoquartz offer was the one that best matched our various time management needs for operators, monitoring labour activity, and monitoring the performance of machines. All this with a tried and tested technical architecture."

What is the solution currently used for?

"HQ Activity was the basic building block for our project, as first of all we wanted to monitor the activity of our operators and our machines" stated Damien Portier. Entry is carried out by the operators in the various manufacturing, packaging and logistics departments using 50 PCs equipped with a chip card reader. The operators can thus be assigned to resources and Manufacturing Orders.

HQ Self Service, which is an "essential"  tool according to Damien Portier, enables the staff to make its requests for leave independently and to consult their individual counters.

HQ Time enables management of the time during which staff are in attendance as well as absences for all the site's manufacturing staff. It also monitors all the leave and working hours;reduction counters, as well as calculating variable pay elements.

Such data are then automatically transmitted to the ADP GSI pay solution. Ten input/output recording terminals were deployed at the site.

"With the HQ Time module, we were able to establish a new feature which we had never had time to firm up the monitoring of our temp staff" explained Damien Portier; "as a matter of fact, this enabled us to examine the management of our temps by asking them to use swipe cards.Previously, monitoring on a slip of paper at the end of the week proved to be quite haphazard, and with approximately one hundred temps on site, it was difficult to keep track of the inconsistencies of each individual. Currently, with HQ Time, we capture the information on a real-time basis and we have information quality that is much finer and cannot be disputed."

Has the Horoquartz solution been well received?

Acceptance by the operators was a delicate issue for the project: what were they going to make of a tool which declares all of their movements, and all of their breaks? Weren't they going to feel they were under surveillance?

"There was a communication process upstream from the project and the operators gave the tool a good reception that even exceeded what I was hoping for" stated Damien Portier; "and in addition to the human factor, we set up all the resources for quick and easy familiarisation, which also contributed to the tool being well received. Now the solution has been established and it is up and running!"

In concrete terms, what benefits does the Horoquartz solution provide you with?

The immediate benefit in relation to labour efficiency was the elimination of Excel files, which were replaced by real-time data retrieval.

"We now have a tool that suits us so we can know exactly where each individual has spent time so that we can draw conclusions from this and apply the necessary corrections: is what is involved time that was foreseen, planned for, and budgeted for? We have monitoring of the factory's performance in the broadest sense." commented Damien Portier.

"Another benefit provided by the tool", continued Damien Portier "is that we have deployed the tool so that it encompasses all of the production line operators, including quality staff. We have thus extended the scope of what we are able to measure and capture activity information for all of our direct labour staff with an impact on the cost of our products."

Janssen-Cilag now has thousands of data items that it can make use of: the main operational indicators can be accessed via the Intranet and an automatic Screensaver display was deployed throughout the production sector.

"Everyone is aware of the fantastic opportunity we have thanks to all the data collected." emphasised Damien Portier.

What is your assessment of the quality of Horoquartz's offer?

The consultants and technical staff have very high-quality skills. "I found myself dealing with people who knew their subject, and who knew the tool both in technical and functional terms, as well as knowing the market within which it was developed," explained Damien Portier.

Do you envisage supplementing the existing offer?

"A time and activity management project is currently being finalised at another site and why shouldn't the project be applied generally at other factories worldwide? But I am not the one who makes the decisions about that!" concluded Damien Portier.