L'Oréal OPERATIONS: optimised time management processes with eTemptation



Comprehensive project, piloted governance, multiple applications across 8 factories and 7 distribution platforms, 1 single time management solution for over 4000 employees.

A valued Horoquartz client for many years now, L'Oréal's combined production and distribution platforms are crucial links in the group's operational value chain. L'Oréal uses the eTemptation suite to optimise time management processes

All 15 facilities previously shared the same functional and technological platform. Nevertheless, each site was able to use the system independently in accordance with their various regulatory requirements. This set-up proved to be efficient for a long time, but eventually its limitations became clear.

For David Schuller, Administrative Director for the Beauty, Research and Industrial Division (BRI): "It was crucial for us to totally rethink our existing system, and to consolidate previous developments in order to make concerted progress."

The framework agreement signed with Horoquartz aims to boost coherency and visibility, with clear governance in the form of a dedicated project team and a Steering Committee. This allowed us to draw up a functional diagram which would serve as a target for the restructuring.

"The important thing was to establish the right conditions in which the solution could be deployed coherently while still functioning as 15 individual projects, because each facility has its own specific regulations, bargaining agreements and commitments. So the functional diagram and targets are shared with my counterparts at the different sites, but they all retain considerable autonomy," explains David Schuller.

Optimising HR processes

While the timing may vary, the objectives remain the same: simplifying HR processes, automating administrative tasks to give managers greater freedom and flexibility, better management of temporary staff and better integration with the HRIS. Hence the decision to implement Version 5.1 of our eTemptation solution.

The time management tool is in constant dialogue with the SAP system, providing essential data flows on absences and production variables - used to determine shift premiums, for example. eTemptation also interfaces with L'Oréal's temporary staff management tool. Pixid.

Some of L'Oréal's distribution platforms have also chosen to adopt the HQ Activity module. This module allows users to cross-compare presence times and the time spent on different activities, for optimised guidance and productivity.

Capitalising on know-how

For David Schuller, one of the great advantages of eTemptation is that it allows for truly decentralised management: "Our managers now have personalised dashboards and contextualised menus to help them manage their schedules and any badge-related issues. This makes it much easier to produce reliable reports. The tools are tailored to our requirements, and not vice versa."

He adds: "properly structured time management is a great HR optimisation tool. The success of this project is all down to the good governance we have built up with Horoquartz's help, and the way the solution fits in with our HR and professional requirements in terms of production and logistics."