Video surveillance: An integrated Axis Horoquartz solution



Axis Communications partners with companies with high computer literacy to deploy its solutions. It is in this context that Horoquartz has obtained the "Authorized Partner" status thus providing to its technical teams with access to specific training programs on IP video surveillance solutions.


Axis Communications is a Swedish IT company, operating worldwide, who has a market leader position in network cameras and in the category surveillance cameras. It invests a major part of its turnover in R & D and offers many innovations in products and solutions for security surveillance and remote monitoring based on innovative, open technology platforms.

A pioneer in the field of video surveillance, Axis Communications partners with companies with highcomputer literacy to deploy its solutions. It is in this context that Horoquartz has obtained the "Authorized Partner" status thus providing to its technical teams with access to specific training programs on IP video surveillance solutions.

Through this collaboration, Horoquartz and Axis meet market expectations, as a recent Axis study shows that 70% of customers claim to have consulted their project companies proposing a global safety solution. By linking the Horoquartz Protecsys 2 suite solution to Axis video surveillance solutions, the customer has a complete "turnkey" solution. Moreover the new Protecsys Suite module 2 "P2 Scada" will provide integration with Axis solutions thus allowing a centralized reading of all the installations on the same screen to simplify the surveillance operations.