The Horoquartz User Club is a private association, legally and financially independent from the company. This independence is crucial in order to protect the legitimacy of the association and maintain its freedom of speech and open relationship with Horoquartz.

To become a member of the Horoquartz User Club

To become a member of the Club, you must be a registered user of one of Horoquartz's time management systems. Joining our Club gives you the opportunity to:

  • Receive regular information on the latest technological and functional updates made to Horoquartz solutions.
  • Make your own suggestions for future changes and improvements to products and services.
  • Exchange experiences and share tips with other users.
  • Express your opinions freely and independently.

The User Club invites its members to attend and participate in regional and national conferences. The Club also offers 'U Workshops' for members, in person or via videolink. These conferences provide an opportunity to discuss specific issues, participate in an in-depth exploration of the functions of new versions of Horoquartz software, and submit requests for future changes and improvements to the company's services.

More information about Horoquartz User Club