HR Strategy


What is it like to start work for the company as a new recruit?

A new employee's first few weeks with the company are crucial. We take great care to accompany and support new colleagues as they settle in, ensuring that they are rapidly integrated into the company. To this end, Horoquartz has established a welcome procedure involving specific training programmes for new recruits, tailored to reflect their job position and responsibilities. We also have a 'buddy' programme for personalised, long-term integration.

Welcoming new colleagues and helping them find their bearings, accompanying them as they learn the ropes and settle in - these are crucial processes which allow us to ensure that new recruits are operational and independent as soon as possible, and of course to develop that all-important bond of trust.

What are the main resources and processes put in place to help employees develop their skills?

Skills development is at the very heart of Horoquartz's Human Resources Management policy.

Training our teams is an absolute priority. Every year, in line with the strategic priorities defined by Management and in light of the feedback from the annual evaluation interviews that all of our managers conduct with their teams, a training plan is established. This plan allows us to meet 2 key objectives: developing the skills of our employees, and meeting the company's skills requirements.

The company devotes considerable resources to providing training opportunities for our employees at all stages of their careers, with comprehensive programmes tailored to our areas of expertise and methods.

What does the company do to further the personal development of its employees?

We place great importance on the well-being of our employees in the professional environment. Our managers have a key role to play in this respect. Their proximity to their teams is a major asset in rallying employees around shared projects and goals. Committed to continuously improving our methods and adapting to the evolutions of our society, we organise regular training sessions for our team leaders.

We also strive to create the best possible working conditions. All of our agencies have social spaces where colleagues can have a coffee or spend their lunch breaks away from their desks. These areas are also conducive to greater communication between employees from different departments. As IT is at the heart of what we do, we pride ourselves on providing our employees with top-quality equipment which is regularly updated.

Last but not least, we work to accommodate the needs of our employees. We are always working to strike the perfect work-life balance. A well rested employee is a motivated employee!

How important is communication in all this?

Working across multiple locations encourages diversity, and allows us to place the emphasis on working in small groups. But of course this can pose certain challenges in terms of communication. So we've adapted to meet those challenges! Whenever necessary, we organise short information meetings by video conference or conference call. This allows us to avoid unnecessary travel, and ensure that managers and their teams are always on the same page.

Managers also organise regular meetings within their departments to discuss all active projects and discuss the company's strategic priorities. The Human Resources Department is always on hand to help employees, who can get in touch by phone or by email at any time.
Obviously we use email for many of our formal communications, but as far as possible we encourage direct phone calls for greater spontaneity and a more personal connection.