Environmental Policy and Vision


The operations and activities of the Amano Corporation are conducted with the utmost respect and care for the environment...

The foundations of our policy

With a profound respect for the environment, Amano is committed to maintaining excellent levels of environmental quality at every step of its commercial and industrial processes (R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services).

Guiding principles

Amano has created an Environmental Management System which allows the company to constantly deliver, maintain and improve its core operations while protecting the environment at all times.

All Amano employees abide by the applicable laws, regulations and internal rules regarding environmental protection.

In all of its commercial operations, from fabrication to marketing and services, Amano is determined to optimise and rationalise its operations with the utmost commitment to protecting the environment and getting the most from available resources, striving at all times to 'reduce, reuse and recycle'.

Amano organises training programmes for its employees, designed to develop their awareness of environmental issues.

Amano ensures that its corporate Environmental Policy is widely disseminated and fully understood by all employees.

Amano's core beliefs

DON means choosing the right action. Honesty, intelligence and respect for others are at the heart of this precept.

KON means constantly striving to achieve continuous improvement, with total commitment from all members of the team and a true passion for learning.

UN means success, which results from the application of DON and KON as described above. Success is impossible without passion and commitment.