Performance reviews

Process4people: manage performance reviews efficiently


With Process4people, a complete career management solution, you can easily organise your performance review campaigns. Thanks to a completely digital process, you have a centralised vision. Automatically generate review campaigns, view past campaigns, link directly to training management, reports and statistics. No more Excel worksheets and piles of paper. With Process4people, you have all the tools in hand to improve individual and collective performance.

The objectives of performance review management with Process4People

  • Save time by automatically generating performance review campaigns
  • Increase accuracy by easily customising performance reviews by occupational category
  • Be proactive in your performance review management thanks to automatic alerts for deadlines, important dates and more.
  • Guarantee complete traceability and track employee evolution with automatic performance review histories
  • Centralise your data for greater accuracy: all performance review data are stored in one place


The benefits of performance review management with Process4People

Process4people's performance review management module gives you a complete overview of your employees’ reviews. You supervise everything via a single application, including organisation, configuration of review forms, automatic reminders and alerts, history, reports and statistics.


How can you get even more from your performance review management?

With Process4People, performance review management is linked to skills and training management. The data automatically flow to the database, eliminating the need to re-key information and allowing you to quickly identify your organisation's needs and objectives.

What does performance review management bring to the people in the company?

  • Quick access to the history of previous performance reviews
  • They can view comments and annotations
  • Automatic link to training management
  • They can perform a self-appraisal before the performance review
  • Schedule performance reviews in a few clicks
  • Access the performance review history of each of their employees
  • Centralised vision of employee performance reviews
  • Track review campaigns without having to send out reminders
  • Access to the history of each performance review in a few clicks
  • Compilation of employee wishes in terms of training, assessments, skills development, etc.