Process4people: training courses tailored to your strategic needs


It is often difficult to develop an efficient and effective training plan, even more so if your company is large or if your employees are located across different sites or perform different functions. Requests and arrangements are often hard to accommodate. Tracking the effectiveness and cost of training is also a major challenge. Process4people helps you customise the training database and tracking processes. The data are centralised, accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

The objectives of HR training management with Process4People

  • Create and manage your training catalogue, provide digital versions of the training offering and automate the management processes
  • Empower your managers and employees thanks to training request workflows, according to their needs and wishes
  • Manage your training plan from approval to execution
  • Test trained employees, with immediate and delayed assessments, using the assessment questionnaires available with the application
  • Be more proactive in training management, via automatic alerts for requests or training courses needed
  • Control your budget with expenditure tracking by type (teaching, salaries, transport, equipment)


The benefits of HR training management with Process4People

With the Process4people's training management solution, you have access to everything you need to develop an effective training plan: training offering, training history, assessment results, budget, detailed training reports, etc. The data are centralised and digitised, and you can see the needs of your company, managers and employees at a glance.


How can you get even more from your training management?

To get the most out of your Process4people training management solution, combine it with skills management. You will be able to develop training plans that correspond exactly to the needs identified.

What does training management bring to the people in the company?

  • Browse the training catalogue
  • Access to their training history and upcoming training courses
  • A quick assessment of each training course taken, to involve them in your company’s continuous improvement process
  • An overview of the training needs of their teams
  • Access to the history of the training courses taken and the assessment results
  • A central tool that links skills management and training management
  • Perfect control of the budget by type of expenditure
  • Recognition of skills acquired through training assessment tools