Process4people: organise and manage your skills efficiently

Whatever your business size or sector, it is essential to anticipate your future skills needs. And for that, you have to know exactly what skills are available internally and what needs must be met. This will determine your recruitment, training and mobility policy and is a key factor enabling your organisation to meet its objectives. Process4people lets you create the customised database and processes tailored to your business environment. You can identify and map the skills of your employees and then identify your immediate or future needs.

The objectives of skills management with Process4People

  • Tailor your recruitment and training policy by comparing your skills needs with the available resources
  • Effectively manage your skills by creating a customised database of jobs/positions and the necessary qualifications
  • Easily assess your employees' skills with the mapping feature
  • Develop your internal or external training offer based on clearly identified and approved needs
  • Improve agility by maintaining the skills and developing the versatility of your employees.


The benefits of skills management with Process4People

With Process4people, anticipate your needs easily: your jobs/positions and skills database is constantly updated. It is customised for your organisation. This reduces the mismatch between the skills available and the skills required. You boost internal mobility.

The graphs and charts offered by Process4people give you a clear, global vision.

Process4people is a customisable solution for tracking and consolidating skills, helping you focus on key competencies, whether technical, functional, individual or collective. Our solution delivers powerful tools for skills management, which is a key strategic HR function in any business.


How can you get even more from your skills management?

Have you reviewed the skills available and the skills needed within your organisation? Process4people training management helps you coordinate all the training required by your employees to meet demand, via a simple interface accessible to everyone. The movement management module rounds out the system by facilitating personnel allocation and mobility to best cover needs.

What does skills management bring to the people in the company?

  • Quick view of expected skills for each position
  • Track skills development
  • Access to complete employee and team profiles
  • View whether the skills match the needs for each position
  • Global vision of the specific characteristics of each job
  • Anticipate the company's skills needs (for training or recruitment actions)
  • Accurate and complete training plan
  • Global vision of internal mobility opportunities