HR Portal

Process4People HR Portal :  your HR processes are at your fingertips!

Both HR managers, field managers, employees wish to have a single portal to manage all HR processes across the organization. Decision makers want to have a complete reporting of all necessary HR information and actions for a relevant decision-making.

This is the very purpose of the Process4people HR portal designed to facilitate the management of HR processes from a single point and to make the key information available to everyone, regardless of its role in the organization.

The objectives of the Process4people HR portal

  • Streamline data management by providing all stakeholders with secure access to the HR workflows they need
  •  Improve user efficiency  with an application that allows everyone to customize their work environment
  • Ensure fault-free tracking of actions through immediate visualization of ongoing workflows and requests to process
  • Facilitate decision-making by using personalized dashboards and graphical indicators that provide a visual representation of performance and highlight the corrective actions to take if necessary
  • Simplify access to resources by connecting your other softwares directly from the HR portal

The benefits of the Process4people HR portal

Process4people ensures the perfect integration of all your HR processes from the portal. It gives a global vision and easy access to all the workflows that have been implemented. Its 'Responsive Web Design' architecture allows access from any PC, tablet or smartphone device. It supports the growing demand for mobile solutions from your employees and managers. It also supports the integration of all your HR processes into your company's information system, while respecting your IT architecture and your security policy.

How to get more from the Process4people HR portal ?

The Process4people HR portal can be usefully combined with other Horoquartz solutions, including eTemptation for time management. This integration then gives an overview and overall management of most of the daily HR processes applicable to employees.

What does the P4p HR Portal bring to your teams?

  • Easy access to their HR data
  • Better interactivity with their managers
  • Better involvement in HR processes
  • Reduction of process breaks that may impact them
  • More interactive management of their teams
  • Easy access to various HR processes (interviews, training, movements, schedules ...)
  • Better coordination with the HR department and support departments
  • A single and centralized software to offer decentralized HR functions to management and employees
  • Guaranteed traceability of the various operations
  • Improved employer image