Employee mobility


Because the human capital of your business is always evolving, effective workforce management is all about giving your HR Department the tools they need to keep track of movements - new arrivals, job changes, departures - and coordinate the various players involved, from the IT team to the heads of department, not forgetting general management. The key is to ensure that the right information is shared, reliably and safely.


Effective HR management is a matter of knowing your colleagues, anticipating and smoothly handling the different stages of each employee's professional evolution: recruitment, promotion, departure.

The Process4people solution makes this complex matrix of information easier to understand and manage. Process4people allows you to create bespoke HR data repository, including an HR database where you can centralize all of the information you have about each and every member of your organisation. Effectively structuring this information allows you to establish comprehensive, coherent employee IDs based on professional profiles, roles, skills and certifications.

The integrated workflow motor automatically updates your company directories, generates organisational charts and synchronizes ID data directly with your internal applications. Process4people makes it easy to model joint processes bringing together HR, IT, specialist and general managers. The idea is to help all the relevant departments to work together more rapidly and more securely. Crucially, Process4people frees up precious time previously taken up by routine administrative tasks.

What does effective management of your employees mobility bring to your organization?

  • A better welcoming of your employees in your company or in a department
  • A quicker access to resource they need thanks to a better anticipating of their needs
  • A better image of the company
  • A better management of their resources
  • Quicker validation process thanks to automated workflows
  • Conformity of recruiting and transfering movements
  • Control of costs thanks to automated workflows
  • High-quality Data and less retyping
  • Perfect traceability of every movement in the company