HR data management

P4p Master data: A single, centralised HR data solution for more effective employee management

High-quality, centralised, agile HR data allowing you to more effectively manage the operational progress of employees within your organisation. This is the essence of P4p Master Data, the core module of the Process4People software suite. Its key assets: up-to-date employee data, more synchronised applications, information available for all, no more multiple entries. The result: improved HR performance for your organisation.

The objectives of creating a centralised employee data solution with P4p Master Data

  • To remove the need for multiple employee information files in different departments, centralising all HR information in a single reference system
  • To reduce the cost of managing data by automatically updating all applications which make use of HR information
  • To improve the quality and integrity of data by eliminating the error risk which comes with multiple entries
  • To make the transition from administrative management of HR data to an operational approach, bringing together all information on professional users
  • To facilitate organisational change, via agile processes tailored to the context and to your objectives

The advantages of creating a centralised employee data solution with HQ Master Data

Because your organisation is unique, P4p Master Data allows you to fully customise the data you manage and the processes you use to get the most from this information. This makes it easy to define the information which is most useful to your operations: organisational charts, administrative data, skill records, assignment records, resource inventories, pay scales etc. P4p Master Data allows you to model the essential workflows required to enter and validate this data.

P4p Master Data automatically synchronises data across all applications, thanks to a comprehensive set of connection interfaces.

How can you get even more from your centralised HR data solution?

P4p Master Data ensures the quality of the data you have on your employees and external partners. This information thus becomes accessible for the various HR processes at work throughout your organisation. This allows you to combine the different standard functions of the People4Process tool, such as employee movement management (P4p Staff), resource allocation management (P4p Supply), pay management (P4p Salary) and access right and accreditation management (P4p Rules). It also allows you to model potential new uses, fully personalised and tailored to your needs.

  • Improved interactivity with up-to-date HR data they can display whenever they need it
  • Greater job satisfaction, with smooth HR processes
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the elimination of potential problems arising from poor-quality HR data (waiting times for rights and accreditations, inefficient resource allocation etc.)
  • Less time spent updating the HR data required to run specialist applications
  • More time to focus on core responsibilities, and enhanced managerial control
  • Removing one of the most common sources of lost productivity
  • Greater efficiency for all HR processes
  • Improved compliance and a significant reduction in the risks inherent to erroneous HR data
  • An increase in the overall productivity of your organisation
  • Piloted, organised HR processes
  • High-quality HR data and a significant reduction in the risks associated with the uncontrolled use or sharing of data
  • Time saving, with decentralised updating of information for all departments
  • Cutting down admin time, with automatic updating of data across multiple applications
  • Enhancing the overall performance of you HRIS
  • Greater ease of use thanks to cutting-edge, stable, interoperable technologies