Multi-functional card

Your ID strategy on a single, multi-functional card

At the end of the chain, the use of personal cards ensures the security of physical and virtual access points while making the user experience more practical and functional. As your organisation's most important ID tool, today's professional cards need to serve multiple purposes in order to fulfil their obligations and facilitate the employer/employee relationship.

What is a company card? More than just a badge

Have you clearly defined your ID management policy? Streamline your operations to the maximum by combining ID management and cards in a single application. Switching to multi-functional cards allows you to revolutionize the way you think about badges, equipping each and every employee with an authentication tool which can be tailored to their user profile.

P4P Card provides you with your own integrated tool for managing the life cycle of your cards, simplifying the processes of issuing, renewing and blocking them. Easy'ID also makes it easier than ever to provision your applications, allocating or removing access rights at the click of a button.

Meanwhile, you can provide all of your employees and external personnel (service providers, temporary staff) with a galaxy of services all accessible via the same card: work time management, clocking in and managing absences, access control to work zones, smart login, catering services, printing and more. A great boost for employer/employee relations.