Automation and digitisation of HR processes
Optimise the day-to-day work of your employees!

Ensuring the smooth flow of everyday HR processes is essential to maintaining quality relationships with your employees. That means efficiently handling a huge mass of individual data, with the help of update processes which are robust and reliable. With a unique, interoperable reference system complete with streamlined workflows for data entry and validation, Process4People helps you to manage the operational progress of your employeesProcess4people cuts out tasks which do not add value, and minimises the risk of non-compliance. The tool marries superior performance in HR and support services with increased employee satisfaction.

With Process4People:                                 

  • You can construct your own bespoke HRIS tool, modelling the HR processes and validation workflows which shape the daily performance of your managers and employees.
  • You can plan ahead for more effective resource management, with precise handling of employee movements 
  • You can increase efficiency and reduce costs by effectively managing the training budget.
  • You can ensure compliance and reduce risk with centralised management of all HR data and processes
  • You can boost the satisfaction of your managers and employees with structured, well-organised HR Portal.

Expert services in support of performance and innovation

Innovation is at the heart of these HR digitisation and performance-boosting projects, which by their nature cut right across your organisation. Agility, cost-cutting, compliance, employee satisfaction: objectives which can be easily reached with the help of Process4People and Horoquartz's expert services. Find out how the support and additional services provided by Horoquartz can help you to maximise your return on investment.

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