Activity management is essential to keep control on your operations

Activity tracking

An activity tracking software automates the collection and analysis of time spent by employees on  tasks and activities. It provides a centralised database where all activity-related information (time spent, completion, resources used…) is recorded, managed and consolidated.

An activity monitoring solution must be able to manage the different types of activity in a company: work on projects or contracts, manufacturing activity (operator and/or machine tracking), service-based activity… It also integrates with the company’s information system, in particular with ERP (production management), project management software and sometimes accounting solutions.

It reduces the effort required to obtain detailed activity information from you teams. It gives you a real-time comparison of planned times and times actually spent.  The activity management software also generate reports with insights into project progress, team productivity or resource usage that help with future project estimation.

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  • Project Time Tracking

    In addition to time management and workforce scheduling, this eTemptation module helps to control the time spent on activities.

    Employees enter their time spent on projects and jobs on configurable timesheets. Managers use a workflow process to approve or correct the reports before they are sent to the ERP.

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  • Production Time Tracking

    With eTemptation, you control the actual time spent in production and the cost prices, a huge benefit for manufacturers.

    This module makes it easy for operators to enter production data: time spent on work orders and operations, quantities, progress, etc. The ERP is updated with accurate data, and your managers have KPIs for their teams at their fingertips.

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Why integrate activity monitoring and T&A management?

The joint use of T&A and activity monitoring functions within the same workforce management software brings several advantages:

  • Attendance times and activity times can more easily be compared and if there is a discrepancy, it is easier to look for anomalies
  • In certain industries (e.g. work on building site), attendance times for payroll purposes can be determined automatically through activity times.
  • The correction and validation of activity data by managers are part of integrated processes. The manager has global access to all attendance, leave and activity data and can thus manage everything in a single tool.

eTemptation is already used by more than 500 companies who wish to control their production costs and their cost prices. They need to know precisely the time spent by their teams on projects, tasks and even manufacturing activities.

The HQ Activity module is highly customisable to meet the needs of each industry. It thus adapts to any business context, whether R&D, project work, production or logistics activity. It is aimed both at SMBs which wish to monitor a few dozen operators and also at large companies which need to manage the activity of several thousand employees in different departments. It is also available in SaaS mode.